My #ScienceHero is Albert Einstein

Science heroes, we all have them. We would like to advocate for scientific careers by showing the diversity that this profession reflects and to give you and your personal story a well deserved platform. Perhaps your personal story will inspire others to tell theirs. #ScienceHero





Story by Lieu Le

Albert Einstein has been my science hero ever since I was a high-school student. As one of the best known scientists of the 20th century he has inspired many and his name is synonymous with “genius”. His inventions such as the theory of relativity or the equation of mass–energy equivalence E=mc² are well-known to most people.

Yet it’s not for his physics alone that Einstein inspires me. It was his way of thinking about science that made me fall in love with him and realize that science is not inapproachable for general society – it is not only reserved for scientists, but surrounds our daily life and we can “see” and “touch” science as long as we have passionate curiosity and imagination.

Knowledge is limited but curiosity and imagination have no boundaries. Einstein also fascinates me with his outside-the-box thinking, e.g. his prediction of the existence of gravitational waves in 1916, which was amazingly detected 100 years later this very year (2016) by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) teams. “Wall-breaking thoughts” can initiate breakthroughs in science.


Lieu Le
Researcher at KAUST University, Thuwal / Saudi Arabia
Falling Walls Lab Participant 2014

Lieu’s presentation at the Falling Walls Lab: Lieu

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