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Science heroes, we all have them. We would like to advocate for scientific careers by showing the diversity that this profession reflects and to give you and your personal story a well deserved platform. Perhaps your personal story will inspire others to tell theirs. #ScienceHero



Story by Hannah Mumby

My science hero is Jane Goodall. When I was a young girl it was incredible to have a female scientist like her to look up to. Being a field scientist is tough, but her joy in her work made it seem like the best job in the world.

Jane made incredible strides in our understanding of animal behaviour. In doing so, she challenged our views of our own uniqueness and led me to ponder how humans fit into the tree of life. We now know tool-use, mirror self-recognition, culture and complex communication are behaviours limited only to humans. In fact, the range and diversity of complex behaviour in other species is striking!

Jane is also committed to conservation and her example of raising awareness of these urgent issues is inspirational. I try to follow it by balancing my work on the social lives of elephants with ensuring we understand the impact of my charismatic study species. I also think of Jane when planning my education and outreach work. Her continued passion makes me believe I can pass the torch to the next generation of scientists and conservationists, particularly girls and those from developing countries.

Hannah MumbyHannah Mumby, Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge
Falling Walls Lab Participant 2015

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