My #ScienceHero is Igor Ivan Ojeda Delgado

My science hero - Igor Ojeda


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Story by Maria Teresa Alaniz Navarro

The first person that came to my mind when I read “Your Science Hero” was Igor Ivan Ojeda Delgado. In my opinion, people involved in science have to be aware of the ways in which their work can impact and benefit society.

Igor Ojeda is such a person. He is a passionate architect, Associate Professor and master’s student in Ethics for Social Construction. In all of his professional actions he demonstrates his concern about how to make relevant changes in our society to build a better future, and he proposes projects that reflect his ethical beliefs. His teachings are concerned with systemic effects, innovation, social interaction, and future outlook.

I have observed changes in the way of thinking of students after having class with Igor. After taking a course with Igor, his students show more passion for their profession and see how this passion can contribute to the development of the country. If there is a positive way to have influence, this is it.

Teresa Alaniz

Maria Teresa Alaniz Navarro, Researcher at the Tecnológico de Monterrey Guadalajara / Mexico
Falling Walls Lab Participant 2015

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