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Dr. Jason Crawford


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Story by Yick Chong Lam

Like a colourful chemistry flame test, each of my Science Heroes has ignited a different glow of scientific interests within me.

Through my scientific education, I have had many mentors who have empowered me to pursue a career in Chemistry. My high school science instructor, Mr. Robert Burke, amazed me with a number of chemistry demonstrations while speaking in high and low voices induced by helium or sulphur hexafluoride gases. The power of his instruction has propelled me to major in Chemistry at the University of Rochester.

Dr. Rudi Fasan, my freshman organic chemistry professor who later also became my undergraduate research advisor, offered invaluable guidance for my chemical biology research and professional development. His mentoring has inspired me to attend Yale University to pursue a PhD Degree in Chemistry. With my current mentor and research advisor, Dr. Jason Crawford, I am strengthening and expanding my research skills on an independent chemical biology project. His concurrent guidance in academic research and encouragement to pursue professional interests are broadening my career avenues.

These influential Science Heroes have inspired me to pursue interests not only in science research, but also in scientific teaching, outreach, and communication.


Yick Chong Lam, Researcher at Yale University 

Falling Walls Lab Participant 2015
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