My #ScienceHero is Isaac Newton

Muhammad Khogali - Science Hero - Isaac Newton


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Story by Muhammad Khogali

My personal science hero who fuelled my passion for my field of research most definitely is Isaac Newton. Not because of his famous three laws of motion but rather due to his infamous asymmetric wheel which correlated colours with musical notes and planetary symbols. That wheel was the basis of the colour wheel theory which is being used by many industrial branches, including the paint and coatings industry, the health sector, as well as in fashion and graphical design.

Newton’s calculation of colours was based on quantum mechanics where he arranged the spectral colours in a circle based on their relative light frequency with the centre representing white and other colours at opposite ends of the circle diameter. Then, he was able to interpret colour saturation and intensity based on radial distance calculations.

I have been working in the paint and coatings industry for the past five years where colour design is the aesthetic focus of end users. Newton’s theory inspired me to build a painting robot that will safely, sustainably and systematically revolutionize the way we colour our surroundings in the future. My idea was presented on the prestigious Falling Wall Labs platform among other innovations that aim at colouring different aspects of our lives.

 Muhammad Khogali - Close-up Photo

Muhammad Khogali, Researcher at Dow Middle East Innovation Center inside KAUST University Thuwal / Saudi Arabia
Falling Walls Lab Participant 2015

Get in touch with Muhammad via Linkedin here

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