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We all have our Science heroes that we look up and draw inspiration from. Men & women who give us concepts and tools to make sense of our complex world. Tell us who your science hero is, and we will share Your Story with the world. #ScienceHero




Story by Suganth Kannan 

My Science Hero is Nobel Laureate Sir Richard Roberts, winner of the 1993 Nobel Prize in Physiology in Medicine for his ground-breaking discovery of split genes.

His work is very inspirational to me, isolating most of the world’s first known restriction enzymes and the formation of REBASE (Restriction Enzyme dataBASE), with all the restriction-modification enzyme systems, and the genes encoding it.

My interest in research related to Bioinformatics grew immensely while reading his published research papers, and through our email conversations about his findings. These conversations eventually led to the memorable experience of me working for him during the summer of 2015 at New England Bio Labs.

There, I realized how true “16x theory” is. Every word your hero speaks to you explaining a science concept is worth investing 1600% more time reading about it to fully understand what he means. I had great power lunch sessions with him in a very relaxed manner, and even though I am a food junkie, I was more interested in hearing him than the food in front of me.

His patient listening and correction of my research work made a long lasting impression on my mind – on respecting other points of view as well as on how to work as a team while conducting scientific research.

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