Meet Adam Levy, Science Communicator and Falling Walls Livestream Host

Adam Levy is an eloquent, thoughtful and engaging science communicator, so we thought it’d be best if he introduced himself:

Tell us a little bit more about yourself, about your background and education and what you do for a living besides moderating our livestream?

I’m a reporter at Nature where I co-host the weekly Nature Podcast, and make short films for Nature Video.  I get to speak with some of the world’s leading scientists, and I love finding out what goes into their cutting edge research.  I have a doctorate in atmospheric physics (University of Oxford), and spend a lot of my time thinking and talking about climate change.

You have a Youtube channel called ClimateAdam. Can you explain what is happening there and who it is aimed at?

I started my YouTube channel, ClimateAdam, while I was still studying for my doctorate. We often talk about climate change with unnecessarily preachy or complex language.  So instead I decided to embrace the playful and accessible nature of YouTube.  My goal is that you’ll enjoy watching ClimateAdam even if you don’t care about climate change.  And then I can trick you into learning something in the process!

You are a real science communication expert. How do you get people excited about science?

Cliché though it is, true enthusiasm is infectious.  Focus on communicating why you love a topic, and others will naturally follow your passion.

This will be your first Falling Walls Conference. Which talk are you the most looking forward to?

So many to choose from!  But I am so excited to hear more about Esther Duflo’s work and to learn how her research could improve the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable citizens.

Where do you see the big societal transformations in the future? What scientific research/discovery will change our world?

I’m unreasonably excited about batteries.  Bigger, cheaper batteries would completely upend the way we think about power generation, and would help us halt global warming as rapidly as possible.  Also, if someone could sort out nuclear fusion, that would be very handy indeed.

What book, movie or song has radically changed your perspective? And why?

Heroes by David Bowie.  When I first heard it as a child I had no idea it was about the Berlin Wall.  But I did know that it was about transcending barriers, and that it resonated with me like nothing before.  Listening to it still makes my hair stand on end.  Let’s tear down some more walls, eh?

Who is your personal „Science Hero“?

Richard Feynman was not only an incredible scientist, but – by all accounts – a lovely and kind man.  His enthusiasm for understanding our universe and his complete lack of pretention have always been hugely inspirational to me.


Adam Levy (@ClimateAdam) is a multimedia editor at Nature and produces his own YouTube series titled ClimateAdam. He will be this year’s Falling Walls Conference livestream host, presenting exclusive interviews with this year’s speakers and additional behind-the-scenes footage. 

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