You’ll Never Believe What I’m About to Tell You…

Falling Walls Lab. Berlin, 08.11.2017. Copyright: Florian Gaertner/ Falling Walls

Falling Walls Lab. Berlin, 08.11.2017. Copyright: Florian Gaertner/ Falling Walls

Opening lines are critical hooks at the Falling Walls Lab – an opportunity to grab your audience and kick off your 180 seconds with a bang. Here’s a smattering of some of the more arresting first lines heard throughout the day:

“Please take a deep breath and inhale.” – Johannes Bintinger

“My name is Joanne and I’m a kleptomaniac.” – Joanne Duffy

“It’ll be my pleasure to tell you more about how not to waste your urine.” – Bastian Etter

“Do you have a bad habit?” – Gordon Feld

“Last year we used 20 million liters of biofuel.” – Tsufang Hong

“I’m going to ask you a question that I’m pretty sure no one has asked you before: When was the last time you checked your brain?” – Assaf Horowitz

“Our daily lives keep getting more convenient thanks to electronic equipment.” – Shogo Kumagai

“Have you ever felt that you were dying for a drop of water?” – Basma Al-Kiyumi

“We do not inherent the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” – Valerie Miller

*** mosquito buzzing sound *** “How many of you enjoyed this melodious sound? It is the most annoying noise in the world.” – Srilahari Namani

“Can you think of any process in industry that doesn’t involve pipelines?” – Jaysuman Pusppanathan

“A want to tell you a story about Barcelona and Madrid.” – John Palmer

“Quick question: Who believes in magic?” – Yuriy Zaremba

“Communication is what makes us feel alive.” – Kaushik Parida

“Are you more likely to go to the pub on a Thursday or a Friday?” – Jet Sanders (Spoiler alert: Friday, if you’re like most people.)

“Complexity arises from simplicity.” – Azat Slyamov

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